One of the most frequently requested features we have gotten in our more than 20 years of working with zoos, aquariums, museums, parks, gardens, and other attractions is the ability to create and administer a loyalty program for members/passholders.

We are excited to announce that in addition to a best-in-class digital pass experience, PassPlay now gives you the ability to offer your members a completely customizable and easily administered Loyalty Program.

Even better, this feature is available to PassPlay users at no additional cost.

We developed the Loyalty Program to give attractions enormous flexibility. Like many loyalty programs, the PassPlay loyalty system is built around the acquisition of points for performing certain actions. Members can accumulate points and redeem them for rewards with your organization.

The challenge with building a loyalty program has historically been creating systems that are flexible enough to work for a wide range of client needs, and with PassPlay's new Loyalty program, we've more than met the challenge! Every component of the Loyalty Program is configurable to make implementation, rollout, and adoption a breeze.

Let's explore each of the major components:

No Technology Burden

First and foremost, we didn't want you to have to add another system or integration to your technology stack. We know attractions already have enough systems in place, so we developed the Loyalty Program to be easily implemented without a headache. The Loyalty Program can be setup and ready to run with a few quick steps. The entire program is administered within PassPlay's management interface, and you won't have to know a lick of code to have your own Loyalty implementation up and running in as little time as an afternoon (seriously!).

Point Acquisition

Members will use the PassPlay app to acquire points. Because each member already has a unique identifier through PassPlay's integrated Membership module, there's absolutely no setup required for your users. Once you turn the program on, they'll immediately have access to the Loyalty experience. There are two primary ways for your members to acquire points:

  • On-site Check-in - Once a day, members can check-in when they visit your attraction. Members will have to be at your location with Location Services enabled on their devices in order to perform the check-in. The location requirement is an elegant and simple way to keep the system fair and sustainable for everyone! As with all other components of the Loyalty Program, you are in complete control of point acquisition for the daily on-site check-in: you assign the number of points the daily check-in is worth and can make adjustments, if needed, any time.
  • Scan Points of Interest - The PassPlay management interface makes it easy to add scannable points of interest at your attraction. Once a point of interest is added, it will show up as a scannable item for your members in the PassPlay app. When a member find a point of interest, they will scan a QR code (these are provided to you through the PassPlay management interface!) and earn points for the successful scan! In the background, the app will confirm that the member is on-site before awarding points for the scan. Again, this location requirement is a simple way to keep the system fair and sustainable for everyone! You can set point values for each point of interest, and you can always make adjustments, if necessary.

Point Redemption

  • Setup Rewards - Using the PassPlay management interface, you can quickly and easily setup rewards to be redeemed by your members. You assign the name, the number of points to redeem, a picture, and brief instructions for redeeming the reward (e.g., "Show this redemption to the Member Services desk" or "Show the coupon code at the Gift Shop register").
  • Get Creative - Rewards can be ANYTHING you can think of. Easy to implement rewards include a free guest ticket for your next visit, a special one-on-one experience with your staff or docents, a special event invite, or even an exclusive discount code for your gift shop (You would create this discount code in your POS then enter it into the PassPlay management system for your members to see when they redeem). The sky is the limit!
  • Oops Proof - Your members will be able to see all of your rewards, and when they are ready to redeem a specific reward, the app interface will prompt them to walk through a two-step process to confirm they haven't selected a reward by mistake!

Create Loyalty Today

If you've used a loyalty program like Starbucks Rewards, Hilton Honors, or the like, you know that these programs work! They drive visits. They create... well, loyalty! Use PassPlay's Loyalty Program to drive foot traffic to and throughout your attraction. You can even strategically drive traffic to revenue-generating areas like points of interest near retail opportunities.

PassPlay's Loyalty Program unlocks a whole new way to engage with your members, and you can be up and running with your own loyalty program within a matter of hours. We're excited to make this new feature set available to all of our PassPlay customers! That means if you have a digital pass with PassPlay, you'll be able to turn on Loyalty right away without any additional fees.

What are you waiting for? Get started today.

PassPlay: the Digital Pass and Loyalty Solution You've Been Waiting For.