Embracing Digital Passes: How Parks and Gardens Can Create Greater Buy-In From Senior Members In the Transition From Plastic Cards

Embracing Digital Passes: How Parks and Gardens Can Create Greater Buy-In From Senior Members In the Transition From Plastic Cards As parks, botanical gardens, arboretums, conservatories and other arts and cultural organizations bring parts of their structure and processes into the digital age, the transition from traditional plastic cards to digital passes has become an increasingly pressing goal.  With public gardens being so outwardly committed to protecting and enriching the environm... Read More
Posted by Claire Grace at Friday, May 26

How a Loyalty & Rewards Program Can Help Museums Turn More Ticket Buyers Into Members

It's no secret that museums of all kinds are facing the challenge of trying to regain the visitation levels they once saw pre-pandemic.  Now, with a recession looming, potential patrons are evaluating how they want to allocate their likely lessened budget for entertainment.  While museums serve a vital role in their communities as arts and culture institutions as well as visitor attractions, driving a loyal returning visitor and membership base becomes trickier during times like the... Read More
Posted by Leigh Moring at Friday, May 12

How Children’s Museums Can Grow Their Membership Base and Inspire Loyalty with PassPlay

Children's museums face a unique challenge in their membership efforts: their primary constituents are kids who grow up and don't engage with the children's museums they loved so much after elementary school. As a result, development and membership teams for children's museums have to think further outside the box than any other type of arts & cultural organization to keep an engaged supporter base. The turnover rate for members and donors at children's museums and similar organizations is h... Read More
Posted by Leigh Moring at Tuesday, Apr 4

PassPlay amps up engagement by adding Loyalty to its offering

One of the most frequently requested features we have gotten in our more than 20 years of working with zoos, aquariums, museums, parks, gardens, and other attractions is the ability to create and administer a loyalty program for members/passholders. We are excited to announce that in addition to a best-in-class digital pass experience, PassPlay now gives you the ability to offer your members a completely customizable and easily administered Loyalty Program. Even better, this feature is avail... Read More
at Thursday, Feb 2

Beyond Eliminating Plastic Cards: How Do Digital Membership Passes Further Zoo and Aquarium Green Initiatives?

As the current biodiversity crisis threatens more than a third of US wildlife, zoos and aquariums have adopted conservation, education, and animal welfare as driving missions behind their work as cultural institutions. However, many zoos and aquariums face tension when it comes to leveraging this messaging and a crucial pillar of their organizational success: membership. You probably don't need us to tell you that membership is vital for zoos and aquariums. Members are often more active suppo... Read More
at Monday, Jan 2