Your Smart Season Pass and Membership Solution

Increase Renewal Rates and Revenue

Your Smart Season Pass and Membership Solution

Increase Renewal Rates and Revenue

Membership Cards Are


PassPlay is an innovative new membership and mobile pass app that will make an undeniable impact on you and your guests.



Convenience your members will love.

Most of your membership sales already take place online. Digital membership, deployed immediately, simplifies and streamlines the user experience; plus, there’s no physical cards to keep up with or replace when lost. The first tile, shown here, is actually the header for the section. It's fine to show it in the tile, but we need to be sure all 4 topics are included as well.

Savings you’ll love.

Streamline membership fulfillment and eliminate printing costs, postage, and labor inefficiencies associated with physical membership cards.

Automated renewals increase retention… and revenue!

Improve timely membership renewals with automatic notifications, because email reminders get lost in crowded inboxes and form letters are tossed in the trash.

Conservation initiatives go digital.

Demonstrate meaningful progress in your sustainability initiatives by reducing your carbon and plastic footprints when you switch to a digital membership card.

P a s s P l a y

of museums currently offer a digital membership option


of museums cite the transition to digital membership as their #1 priority this year


of adult smartphone users want digital loyalty and/or membership cards


mobile wallet adoption rate as of 2020


expected mobile wallet adoption rate in 2025

As patrons demonstrate their preference for mobile-first technology, digital membership cards offer a significant opportunity for visitor attractions to tap into the potential of the digital wallet to take membership to the next level.

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